Allure Agent Spotlight Presents: Erika Levack

Each month we shift the spotlight to one of our Allure Agents so you can get to know them as we do: A unique individual who is not only  one of Austin's finest professional REALTOR®s but one of the finest people we know. We interviewed Erika Levack to see why she loves Real Estate, what makes her unique and some fun facts others don't know!

Sit back and enjoy Erika Levack, keeping it real! 

What part of Austin do you reside in, Erika?

I live in Central East Austin in an adorable little pocket neighborhood. 

What are your favorite things to do in Austin?

My family and I enjoy discovering new hiking trails and swim holes. There are so many secret ones all over the area that you can find something new every week! But to be honest, we talk about doing that more than we actually do it. What I really love doing is seeking out a quiet moment to myself amidst the chaos of my life, where I can lay in my living room on my old, ugly, billowy couch with a book or a remote control. That’s real!

What are your hobbies or interests outside of Real Estate?

I am re-learning to play the piano through my daughters’ lessons, which is so fun! I like to garden even though I’m terrible at it. And I also workout a lot (so that I can eat A LOT!).

Why did you decide to get into Real Estate?

The cliché’ answer to that question is that I like looking at houses: noting architectural variations between different neighborhoods, comparing different design styles, analyzing the quality of construction-- and while being up to speed on that stuff is a big part of it, this business is SO much more than all of that. I knew when I got started that being my own boss would bring a new set of challenges, but that it would simultaneously give me an incentive to work really hard. I also knew that my earning potential would be directly correlated to how hard I worked. And knowing that I could have control over that part of my life is what tipped the scales for me to jump right in. It’s not easy sustaining a successful real estate business, but it’s so rewarding in ways that I couldn’t have imagined before making the switch. 

What do you love most about being a REALTOR®?

I love so many things about being a REALTOR®! First, getting to help people achieve such an important milestone in life is a really great feeling. Second, I just really love living a life of service, working hard to help people get through the many hoops of an often complex process. Third, I enjoy the diversity of my days… no two are ever the same, nor are any two transactions, or any two clients. All of that variety keeps things fresh, fun, and most importantly keeps me on my toes. And lastly, I love being able to create my own destiny. As a realtor, I have the freedom to reach new heights at every step. What’s not to love about that?

What do you love most about working at Allure Real Estate?

Allure is incredible. Our little community of agents likes to work hard and play hard. And we do both very well. The brokers have created something truly different, and that often gets noticed in the Austin real estate world. I feel incredibly proud to be a part of something so cool, innovative, and competent. Our brokers support our success in every way possible (with regular trainings, check-ins, and enrichment seminars). They are always available for counsel and they have our back, no matter the situation. Plus they’re perpetually ruminating fresh ideas and encouraging creative ways to help us do better work, find better solutions, and be better agents. 

And we saved the best question for last. What would you like others to know most about you?

I can count to 10 in 6 languages. I have lived in 4 countries. I can move my ears up and down without moving the rest of my face. I’ve had my nose pierced three times. I’m one of the few people on the planet who likes mayonnaise. 


Wow! Thanks, Erika for keeping it real with us and being such a valuable member of our team! 

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