Making an Offer (Eeek!)

Before the offer to purchase is created, it is very important that you have been at least pre-qualified or better yet pre-approved by a lender.  If you are paying cash, they will need to see Proof of Funds. Your Allure Real Estate agent can guide you on this.

This is one of the best negotiating tools a buyer can have. It shows the seller that you are financially able to purchase the home. After you have found the right home, it is time to prepare the offer.

When you are buying a home, the seller is obligated to disclose certain things. For example, it is illegal to withhold information about major physical defects on the property, but, these disclosures don't always paint the entire picture of the home. Be sure to review the Seller's Disclosure of Property Condition  (if applicable) and discuss it with your agent. 

Your Allure Real Estate agent can recommend certain website to research school ratings, crime stats, area amenities, and more. 

In addition to the above, your agent will pull comps so you can make sure that your offer is in line with other similar homes in the area. Keep in mind that there are certain circumstances where you may need to be flexible (multiple offer situations, etc). Your agent will be sure to guide you through the offer process to ensure you have the best possible chance of winning the home of your dreams!